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Home Economy 11 Key Advantages and Disadvantages of a Flat Organizational Structure 11 Key Advantages and Disadvantages of a Flat Organizational Structure Economy Jul 7, Flat organizational structure is an organizational model with few or in most cases no levels of middle management between the executives and the staff level employees. It was designed with the idea that knowledgeable and well-trained workers will be more productive when they are directly involved in the decision making process of the organization, rather than being supervised by many management layers. In other words, employee involvement is promoted by decentralizing the decision-making process and elevating the levels of responsibility of employees. With this organizational structure, customer comments and feedback will reach all the personnel involved in the decision faster, enabling the company or organization to make a rapid response to customer feedback. Often times, you will see this model used in very small businesses, where there is a lack of middle managers because there are too few employees to handle. In a small boutique shop, for example, the business owner or business head may perform some of the functions that middle managers in hierarchical organizations perform. Some companies, even when they have already grown or expanded retain a flat structure. This is especially true in those organizations with self-managing teams, where individual staff organizes and performs their own work without the need for close supervision.

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Relationships can be complicated…especially if that special someone is also a coworker. Before deciding to date a colleague, Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources for CareerBuilder. Dating a coworker can have unwanted consequences depending on company policies and how the relationship unfolds.

Some of the most important lessons you learn during your first decade working in “the real world” come from one source: The school of hard knocks.

Many people find themselves feeling like they have to choose between their job and their family — and often, in the end, both suffer. Here are three simple strategies that may work for you. Set boundaries between your work life and home life. While you might not always be able to clock out at five on the dot, do your best to leave your work behind when you go home. Spend your free time relaxing with your loved ones and doing things that recharge you. Connect with your family through routines.

Stay close to your partner and kids by creating daily routines that let you spend time together. Get up twenty minutes earlier in the morning to have a cup of coffee with your partner, or start having dinner with your kids every night. Creating regular family routines can help you appreciate the ordinary aspects of life.

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Nicola Oakley Audience Growth Editor Read the reviews of the diets you might want to follow Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email It’s one of the biggest decisions you face when you want to lose weight – how do you go about it? Do you wing it without a plan, tell yourself you will ‘eat healthily and exercise more’ and let that be the end of it?

Or do you spend hours poring over forums, books, magazines and websites looking for the best diet plan that will work for you? The NHS website has published a list of the top diets people follow , with pros, cons and a verdict given by the British Dietetic Association.

Updates: 02/17/ For most people, especially women, dating in their 40s or 50s is nowhere near as easy as when they are Actually, relationships built in their 40s, 50s and beyond are far more fulfilling than any they had in their earlier years.

They are looked down upon, especially when stepping into the dating arena again. Will not be frivolous: Dating may be a serious deal for a divorcee. We all know that compromises are inevitable in a marriage. But this could be a problem, too discussed later. A relationship, good or bad, teaches way too many lessons in life and helps nurture future relationships. The cons Commitment phobia:

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Fashion comes in 18 sizes. Find your perfect fit in Western Wear at www. You may have made a billion rules for yourself but it will still happen when it has to. According to surveys, four out of ten employees have dated at work. This is no surprise, given that work friends confide in each other often and end up spending most of their time together. It is in fact this set of friends who help you get by the worst and best of days.

(MoneyWatch) Dear Evil HR Lady, My company’s reviews on Glassdoor are very negative but provide a truthful evaluation of the company, company management and company’s culture. Now the president is.

Tips For Dating A Coworker Know the rules and abide by them Dating co-workers can be regarded as a breach of professional ethics. Many organizations want their employees to focus and give their best and may not allow dating. Before you consider dating a co-worker, be sure that it is safe and ethical. Avoid any form of harassment You want to date the woman or man you cannot stop thinking about. Start slowly with just hanging out and see if the person feels comfortable or reciprocate the feeling.

If you have been rejected then do not pressure the person. Let it go and focus on your job. Hopefully, you have an honorable reputation that you will continue to uphold during the tenure of the relationship. Establish boundaries There is a place for everything. If you are dating a co-worker, make sure you when you are at work it is strictly business. Romance should be done outside of office hours. It was annoying when couples were open about their affair in high school.

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NerdLove When you write a dating advice column, one of the inevitable questions that comes up is the idea of inexperience. For many men, especially as they get older, dating inexperience is a vicious catch For a lot of men, the anxiety surrounding their dating inexperience can be overwhelming. They become intimidated by women whom they fear have more experience than they do.

The pros and cons of Liverpool signing Stoke City winger Xherdan Shaqiri. Stoke winger is being considered by Liverpool this summer, but is he worth a move?

Rate it using the stars above and let us know what you think in the comments below. Read their insightful opinions about Thank You Letters, and decide for yourself. And let us know who you think won this debate! I believe that thank you letters are absolutely necessary, whether or not they provide you any advantage. A thank you letter, in its purest form, is simply that, a thank you.

You thank someone for giving you a birthday gift or for doing you a favor. These gestures are done hopefully in their purest forms, recognizing someone’s efforts on your behalf. Sure, it may not have required the effort put forth by Aunt Sally in buying you that fondue set, but it still deserves a thank you. And, in the spirit of civility and etiquette, thank you letters are always appropriate.

That legal community, depending on your practice area and your location, can be very small. Why not leave the members of that community with a positive feeling? Thank You Letters Do Help Etiquette aside, there are those who will only send thank you letters if they perceive it will have some advantage. Although I don’t believe a thank you letter is likely to change a interviewer’s mind about your candidacy, I do believe that it can benefit you in the interview process.

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What does cisgender mean—and what is cisgender privilege? Bumble offers more than romantic dates Bumble is more than just a dating app, though. The app has expanded its platform giving users the opportunity to socialize sans romantic or sexual interaction. Bumble offers different sectors like Bumble Bizz, where users can professionally network, and Bumble BFF, where users can build genuine friendships. Lacks gender variety Bumble was originally designed to eliminate traditional gender roles in heteronormative dating, but it also offers same-sex matchmaking.

The only difference is that users who are interested in the same sex can message the other without any restrictions.

It’s possible that the hiring manager got mixed up, and the reference was from someone else. But assuming that’s not the case, it’s possible that your manager was acting in good faith here because references aren’t typically a pass/fail thing but are more nuanced than that.

Contact Author Thailand is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world today, people from all over the globe come to Thailand to experience the culture, bath in the sun on the exotic beaches, eat the spicy Thai cuisine, and enjoy the nightlife. The truth is, the overwhelming majority of tourists traveling to Thailand are single men, with the intention of meeting Thai women, many of whom are hoping to have a relationship with a Thai girl.

Most of these men will have an idea what they are looking for, and often it will be based on the stereotypes that are supported by the western media, as apposed to first hand information or their own experiences. There are a lot of myths floating around about Thai women, many of which are absolutely incorrect. The typical idea that westerners have about Thai women is, that they are subservient, always waiting on their man, they are quiet, and never complain.

Many people think that as long as you have a little money, you can have any Thai woman that you want. None of this is even close to factual, Thai women are no less independent that western women, and most will not accept a roll of total subservience to their man, especially those that choose to date foreigners. Contrary to popular belief, Thai women will not sleep with any man who has a few dollars in his pocket, even the prostitutes have standards, and in most cases the punters are more desperate than the girls, due to the law of supply and demand.

You will come across older men with beautiful young girls, and clearly this will be related to money, however if you are a fat slob with a dirty t-shirt, most of the girls will pay no attention to you trust me, I know from experience. More often than not, the punters and the women are evenly matched, the more class and style the man has, the better woman he will end up with. This is true within all levels of society, whether you are talking about bar girls, university students or businesswomen.

The reality is that a relationship with a Thai woman can be very rewarding, if you put a little effort into it and offer something in return. The idea that you can get hitched with a Thai girl, and she will wait on you hand and foot and love you to death even though you treat her like garbage and your personal hygiene is dreadful, is simply false. In my experience being happily married to a Thai partner for over a decade, it is a lot easier to please Thai women than it is to please western women, however it is equally important to put forth a certain amount of effort.

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From Redbook A lot of women I know prefer to date older men – and, hey, I get that. An older man can make you feel protected, taken care of, young, and sexy. It’s hard to hear your ticking biological clock over the sound of a refined gentleman recommending an expensive whiskey.

Jun 15,  · I am a high-end Professional Matchmaker and a romance, dating and relationship expert. I own a bicoastal matchmaking service called Samantha’s Table () I .

And he is not alone. Hoffman is co-owner of Comal, a modern Mexican restaurant in Berkeley, California. He said it also creates inequality in the restaurant because waiters can earn much more than kitchen staff and managers who do not get tips. By law, tips go directly to waiters. So about a year ago, Hoffman replaced tips with a 20 percent service charge. Hoffman uses the service charge to balance out pay between waiters and kitchen staff, he said.

What pushed Hoffman to finally get rid of tips was rising minimum wage. It is increasing in California, and as it does, restaurants have to pay everyone more, including waitstaff. Hoffman said the service charge would give him more financial flexibility as wages continue to increase. Restaurant owners in other cities with rising wages are also ditching tips and citing labor costs as the primary motive. All this scares career waiters like Kim Schooling.

Schooling has waited tables in The Bay Area for 20 years.

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Legal issues dating your boss SHRM18 will expand your perspective — on your organization, on your career, and on the way you approach HR. Follow Sophia on Pinterest. If you haven’t, then legal issues dating your boss odds are that you know someone who has. About Ella Mckee legal issues dating your boss At some time during your working life, you may have dated, or even married, someone you met at work.

The U.S. has come a long way as far as the overall acceptance of interracial dating is concerned (specifically between black men and white women), but it still carries a measure of taboo however underground it may be.

When you buy a car, the first thing to look at is the specifications on the brochure of the car. Many people know what type of engine a car has just by looking at it, whilst others need to have a proper breakdown of what these… more Top 7 Good Road Side Manners There are more cars on the road now than ever before. Previously not everyone was able to afford a car but nowadays there are a variety of options available suitable for every pocket. With public transport not being the ideal means of… more Author Spotlight Diamond Author 20 Articles Designing products for living, specifically decorative printed textiles has been my business for many years.

I have a fine arts degree from Rhode I love creating recipes to share, and since I cook nearly every day, Robert Henry Schwenk Dr. Bob 4 U I know the meaning of life from “this” perspective. I have spent more than 38 years dealing with My field is psychoactive nutrition. I use foods to change brain chemistry and hormones and help clients finally gain optimal We have three adult children, all of whom are married and have children

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Twitter Dating an older man is nothing like dating one your age in my case it would be early 20’s. In some cases it can be better and in other cases it doesn’t work out. Like every relationship dating an older man will have its ups, down and complications.

1. Tax breaks. The tax breaks are the main advantage of savings plans over other savings and investments accounts. The growth and the ability to withdraw the money all tax-free for qualified education expenses mean that every dollar you contribute can multiply faster and cover a greater portion of your education expenses.

Share shares ‘The idea of intermittent fasting may seem foreign, impossible and even scary to some but, I’ve got a secret for you! It’s something you do every. Day,’ Lee said ‘If you eat satiating, delicious whole foods, you won’t be hungry throughout the day – think good fats and protein sources instead of low calorie junk food,’ she said ‘If you delay your fasting time for just a few more hours, you can easily fit right into the very trendy and extremely sustainable ‘8 Hour Diet’,’ Lee said, adding that the ‘con’ list is very short.

Fasting actually lightens the load on the gut, allowing it to work at its optimum. It also improves the cleansing process,’ Lee explained. This means we can get sick less, experience less pain and become less susceptible to diseases. It also improves the cleansing process,’ Lee explained ‘As the 8 hour diet requires you to eat within a limited window, it gives you less time to eat and more time to shed a few kilos!

Just because you’re fasting, it doesn’t mean you’ll go hungry! If you eat satiating, delicious whole foods, you won’t be hungry throughout the day – think good fats and protein sources instead of low calorie junk food. We live in a world obsessed with snacks and overindulgence so, it can be hard to go against the grain,’ Lee explained. You can really start to feel and enjoy the differences!

Lee isn’t the only one who has backed the eight hour diet, with Dr Joseph Mercola, a leading physician, said there are three rules to follow; you must skip one meal a day, avoid late-night meals and eat and drink normally during the ‘eating’ time block. I find that when I eat late at night, I wake up starving the next morning but if I stop eating at around 8pm I don’t get hungry till around 12ish the next day,’ she said Why is intermittent fasting twice per week beneficial?

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